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1,2..1,2...Party People!!

Crew, Squad

In The Beginning……

There was the DJ. In this culture we call Hip Hop that is. So it is only right that I(MightyL) be the first to post here.

Welcome one and all to the BORO. Home page of The Boro DJs Show on . Here you can catch photos, videos and show links to our weekly show. The Boro is a collective of DJs, Emcees, music connoisseurs and producers based out of the west coast. Catch us in action right here and live on in studio 2B every Saturday 6-8pm(pst).

It’s the live mix show that B-Boys and Girls have been waiting for. Spinning new and old joints. Samples and the originals that were flipped. Jazz to Rock. Soul to Funk. We will not disappoint. Our job is to represent the culture to the fullest.


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